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Weeds S3 News!

According to Elizabeth own words, “Weeds” cast mates are set to begin production on the third season of their critically acclaimed show in three weeks but she’s not looking forward to getting back into the skin of her icy character, Celia Hodes. “No, I don’t miss her at all. I can’t wait to shut the trailer door. She’s a nightmare,” admits Elizabeth. Certainly Elizabeth herself is much kinder and gentler in real life.

“I’m probably not as nice as you
think I am,” she responds with a smile before her husband, cinematographer
Julio Macat, chimes in, “She’s very nice. She’s the opposite of Celia.”
Perkins goes on to say, “There are parts of her I might bring
home, but not too many, hopefully. I can definitely say I’m a better mother,
but I don’t think it’s that hard to be a better mother than Celia.”