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How has Elizabeth Perkins not won an Emmy for Weeds?

Bob Degon of Cliqueclack.com wrote an interesting article about how Elizabeth has not won an Emmy for Weeds. Touching (of course) on the subject of Elizabeth’s great work with her hilarious character Celia Hodes. This article has been archived in the press room section.

I’ve been catching up with ‘Weeds’ and one big question that comes to mind while watching is: How has Elizabeth Perkins’s amazing performance gone Emmy-less over the years?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been catching up on Weeds, and I’m really loving it. In fact, I’m only a handful of episodes from being completely caught up with the new season. (If you’re looking for a virgin diary, check with Kona, who chronicled her thoughts as she caught up with the show too, or any of Aryeh’s  current reviews). I’ve been impressed with the writing and the acting from the excellent cast (as well as the outstanding stable of guest stars). One thing that has surprised me, though, is the lack of awards for the show, in particular one member of the cast: Elizabeth Perkins.

She has been, deservedly, nominated three times for her performance as Celia Hodes, the super bitch that everyone hates. Well, I don’t hate her. I think the character is the highlight of the show. Sure, Nancy and her family are the main focus of Weeds, but I don’t think the show would be anything without Celia. She adds so much to the chemistry of the show, adding trouble, snide remarks, and a bad attitude — and it’s all a joy to behold.Even though I haven’t finished up season five yet, I’m aware that Perkins left the show before the sixth season. I’m a little nervous that the show just won’t be the same without the character causing trouble for everyone else. Certainly Nancy seems to find enough trouble for her and her family as it is, but none of the trouble is as fun as when Celia is around.

I just can’t figure out why Perkins has been denied an award for her outstanding performance. She steals just about every scene that she is in and certainly brings her share of laughs to the dark comedy. We have seen her struggle with cancer (in a story that I dare say was more interesting than The Big C has been to date), hit rock bottom with a cocaine problem, and survive a kidnapping by a group of Mexican revolutionaries. Throughout it all the performance has been one of the best on television, if you ask me, and definitely one of the funniest.

Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough awards to go around, I guess because Perkins has never taken home a little statue for her work, and I’m disappointed! How about you?