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“Miracle on 34th Street” DVD Screencaptures

•• Here’s an update of Miracle on 34th Street (1994 movie) to get into the Christmas spirit and continuing to add missing high quality screencaptures of Elizabeth Perkins in her projects, this time I bring you pictures of her character Dorey Walker on this Xmas movie. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all the Perky fans!

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One comment on ““Miracle on 34th Street” DVD Screencaptures”

  1. Michael Rosenberg says:

    My wife and I have long been admirers of Elizabeth Perkins many talented performances. Tonight we had the privilege of watching “Big” on Fox Movies. The movie is a classic on every count. However, that does not undermine the superlative and inspired performance of Ms. Perkins in the role of Susan. There is a sensitivity and a natural quality presented by Ms. Perkins that makes me hurt for her character on a deeply personal level. I even asked my wife Mimi what was Susan’s ultimate fate; off she drives as Tom
    Hanks character, Josh, metamorphoses into his true child’s body. I want Ms. Perkins to know how touched I am every single time I watch the movie and tonight was no exception. My compliments yet again as I watch an encore performance.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Rosenberg, Brewster, N.Y.

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