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“BIG” 25th Anniversary Extended Cut Coming To Blu-Ray & DVD

•• Twentieth Century Fox has announced they are going to release a 25th anniversary extended cut of BIG movie on DVD and Blu-Ray this December. The press release is for North American markets only but the studio won’t miss out on a chance to release this in other markets for the festive period. As well as the extended cut with also a bunch of special features, including audio documentaries by producers Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg and other deleted scenes. Special features listed below.

  • Big Extended Cut
  • Big Brainstorming Audio Documentary by Writers/Co-Producers Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg
  • Deleted Scenes, Including 5 with Intros by Director Penny Marshall
  • Big Beginnings
  • Chemistry of a Classic
  • The Work of Play
  • Hollywood Backstories: Big
  • Carnival Party Newswrap

The special edition release will hit stores on 10th December in the US.


One comment on ““BIG” 25th Anniversary Extended Cut Coming To Blu-Ray & DVD”

  1. Mark Talmont says:

    Just watched “Big” at one our local high schools–a teacher was using it as instruction for stage production class. Had to agree with her assessment of Elizabeth’s performance as the catalyst for the film–such a masterful combination of drama and nuance.

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