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Happy 54th Birthday, Elizabeth Perkins!

•• Elizabeth Perkins celebrates her 54th birthday today and we at her official website would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! Please stop by and leave your birthday wishes by commenting here or write them at her Official Facebook Page! You can also send your birthday messages via twitter: @ElizbethPerkins!


4 comments on “Happy 54th Birthday, Elizabeth Perkins!”

  1. patrick walker says:

    I adore u Ms. Perkins. U r once of my favorite actresses. U r very selective about the roles that u take. I had a crush on, “Joan”, in “about last nite”. By the way, I also was born on Nov, 18th. 50yrs!!! U r a hottie!!! Take care.


  2. scott dickinson says:

    Happy Birthday, and if you’re ever in Raleigh, and you have time for coffee….

    All the best

  3. scott dickinson says:

    Ps, if Julio doesn’t treat you right, let me know and I’ll SMACK him!lol

  4. Steven Neill says:

    Wow! You still look as gorgeous now as you did in BIG which was on (5/12/2014) here in UK.

    Happy belated birthday xx

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