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Elizabeth Perkins in PEOPLE Magazine

The gorgeous Elizabeth Perkins is featured on the newest issue of People Magazine in the article “My Battle with Type 1 Diabetes”. The issue is on newsstands now. Check out the scans!!

Magz2018_PeopleMag-July-01.jpg Magz2018_PeopleMag-July-03.jpg


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  1. Elizabeth Brock says:

    I read your article in People about diabetes. I am proud of you.. you are a success with the disease. I am 69 and have type 2… got it 15 years ago… I hate it. My dad was a successful doctor in East Tennessee he got type 2 and eventually had to have leg amputated and died… my greatest fear.. I am a sweet and carb finatic.. please give me a typical day or week of food you eat regularly. I want to do better like you. Thank you. Elizabeth BROCK

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