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Weeds “5×12 – Glue”

I have  added over 180 screencaptures from 5×12 episode of Weeds, “Glue”, to the gallery. Check out the screen captures on the gallery by clicking on the previews below or the gallery link box and don’t miss tonight  a shocking Weeds Season Finale for at 10PM ET/PT!

Weeds2009_5x12-4.jpg Weeds2009_5x12-58.jpg Weeds2009_5x12-74.jpg Weeds2009_5x12-122.jpg

– Gallery Link:
Weeds  5×012 – HDTV Screen Captures

Weeds “5×11 – Ducks and Tigers”

I’ve added screencaptures from last night’s episode of Weeds, “Duck and Tigers”, to the gallery. It was a good episode, and it’s so hilarious that Celia Hodes is becoming lesbian… LOL! For now, check out the screen captures on the gallery by clicking on the previews below, as per usual and enjoy!!

Weeds2009_5x11-75.jpg Weeds2009_5x11-153.jpg Weeds2009_5x11-39.jpg Weeds2009_5x11-150.jpg

– Gallery Link:
Weeds  5×011 – HDTV Screen Captures

Monk S08E01 – Mr.Monk’s Favorite Show

I have added over 200 hi-resolution screencaptures from the first episode of the season eight of Monk to the photo gallery.

Elizabeth portrays Christine Rapp, a woman who was a child actor on Monk’s favorite series he watched when he was a child the only series he watched, a ‘Brady Bunch’ kind of show.

Be sure to click on the previews below to view all the new captures in their full size.I also have added screen captures from latest episode of Weeds – 5×10 – Perro Insano.

Monk2009_8x01-17.jpg Monk2009_8x01-185.jpg Weeds2009_5x10-16.jpg Weeds2009_5x10-99.jpg

– Gallery Links:
Films & TV Photography: Weeds 5×10 – Perro Insano
Films & TV Photography: Monk 8×01 – Mr.Monk’s Favorite Show

Weeds “5×09 – Suck ‘N’ Spit”

Hi guys.. The photo gallery has been updated with screen captures from Weeds 5×09 – Suck ‘N’ Spit episode. Enjoy!

Weeds2009_5x09-57.jpg Weeds2009_5x09-68.jpg Weeds2009_5x09-2.jpg Weeds2009_5x09-22.jpg

– Gallery Link:
Weeds  5×09 – HDTV Screen Captures

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