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BWW Interview: Brad Garrett & Elizabeth Perkins Chat about new ABC comedy “How To Live With Your Parents”

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013


•• Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett star on the new ABC comedy HOW TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS, premiering tonight Wednesday, April 3rd at 9:30/8:30c.

The actors play eccentric parents Max and Elaine whose recently divorced daughter Polly (Sarah Chalke) moves back home. The transition has not been easy as Polly and her parents look at life through different generational lenses. Polly aspires to be organized and together, while Max and Elaine live a free-flowing, improvisational life-style.

BWW: You two play very unconventional parents on the new series. Can you talk a bit about your characters?

Elizabeth Perkins: Well Elaine is sort of a former flower child, party girl, pot-smoking sort of wild lady who had her daughter very young. She doesn’t really remember raising her daughter, kind of remembers just bits and pieces, and now her daughter has moved back home along with her granddaughter and she’s really at a loss as far as what to do with them.

Brad Garrett: Yeah, see we went through a mid-life crisis in our 20′s and just held on to it. We’re an unconventional couple on TV because we’re happily married and once in a while I even get to have my way. Continue reading BWW Interview: Brad Garrett & Elizabeth Perkins Chat about new ABC comedy “How To Live With Your Parents”

Brad Garrett & Elizabeth Perkins on “How To Live With Your Parents”

Tuesday, Apr 2, 2013

•• In “How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)” Max (Brad Garrett) and Elaine’s (Elizabeth Perkins) lives are turned upside-down when their daughter Polly (Sarah Chalke) comes home to live with them. She’s now a single, newly divorced mother of a young daughter named Natalie (Rachel Eggleston).

Elaine and Max (who is actually Polly’s stepfather) are very eccentric and both Garrett and Perkins say that’s not the way they are in real life at all. In fact, they told 7online that’s part of the reason they have so much fun playing their characters. They also both said that they think this story will resonate with many people across the US because many older children are coming back home to live with their parents due to the economy.

In the premiere episode Polly leaves her daughter home for the night with her parents as she goes on a date and hilarity ensues. You won’t want to miss the big premiere Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. on ABC! For more information please visit:

Starry Constellation Magazine Interview

Monday, Dec 10, 2012

Q:  What is it about “Cast of Diabetes” that really made you want to be a part of it and champion it?
A:  I’m really excited about this campaign and I’m really excited to be a partnered with Sanofi US. It’s called “Diabetes Co-Stars Campaign” and it’s a campaign which raises awareness of diabetes and the co-stars or the people in our lives who help and support us on this journey. I’m going to be making a documentary film, partnering with Sanofi US, about the importance of support in our lives managing diabetes, living with diabetes and the people in our lives who support us. If you go to you can submit your entry and your nominations for the people, if you’re a diabetic or a person living with diabetes, if there’s somebody in your life who is supporting you through this or if you support someone living with diabetes. It’s a very important campaign to me and my husband who is my co-star and is kind of on this journey with me.

Q:  Why is it important to be championing this cause right now? Obviously, diabetes is extremely important, but what is it now that makes you want to do the documentary at this point?
A:  When I was diagnosed in 2005 with Type 1 diabetes, at the beginning this was not something that I really shared with my coworkers or my family. It was something that I was very isolated with. It wasn’t until I really started opening up to my husband and my family that I realized how vital he was in helping me to manage my diabetes. Together, we learned how to cook differently and how to eat differently. It became a family affair. We learned to exercise more regularly. We had less stress in our lives. I also use insulin; I’m insulin dependent. I use the Lantus SoloSTAR insulin pen, which is amazing. It’s very easy and fits into my schedule. But I had to learn about insulin and to be aware some of the serious possible side-effects like low blood sugar and if you have any allergies. I think it’s an important conversation to have with their doctor about their personal diabetes management. But without the support of my husband, my family and my coworkers on the television show, it’s not something that I was managing as successfully as I am now. That’s why this campaign of “Diabetes Co-Stars” is so important to me, because it’s my story and it was vital to me to have that kind of support. This campaign is to raise awareness about those people, those amazing people in our life who are our support and strength on one of the journeys. It’s a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week journey that I’m on. So, I thought it would be great to, with Sanofi US, make a documentary involving a nationwide casting call to find other co-stars out there who are out there every day inspiring and cheering on people who are living with the condition of diabetes. We have a website and you can find all the information about submitting a video nomination or a written testimonial. It’s a great website. There’s my story, there’s other links to resources and it’s just a great place to check out. This particular campaign is important to me because a support system like this can provide the encouragement that you sometimes need to overcome the obstacles of living with diabetes and just improve your overall diabetes management. Continue reading Starry Constellation Magazine Interview

Premiere Date for “How to Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)”

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

•• ABC has released it’s midseason schedule today making room for several new series including the new comedy show How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life), which stars Sarah Chalke as a recently divorced mom who moves back in with her parents (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett), the show will premiere on Wednesday April 3, 2013 at 9:30 p.m.