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Elizabeth Perkins: Natural Beauty Tips and Living with Diabetes

Friday, Nov 30, 2012

•• Elizabeth Perkins has the best natural beauty tips. How does the star of  “Big,” “About Last Night” and “Weeds” look ageless? “It’s called being happy and loving yourself for who you are,” she insists. “It’s also about not taking life so seriously.” Perkins says that her happiness was almost derailed by a serious medical diagnosis.

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes I felt like, ‘This is the end of the road for me.’ What I came to learn was it was just the beginning of an amazing experience.” This brings us back to the topic at hand: beauty. “I look this way because I eat better these days and I exercise more. Those are truly the best beauty secrets besides water and not tanning. The more you take care of yourself, the better you will look and feel. That’s the true beauty secret.”The 52-year-old native of Queens even takes that up a notch. “If you make taking care of yourself a family affair then everyone will be healthier for it,” she says.

– Elizabeth Perkins on living with diabetes:
Her new campaign called “Diabetes Co-stars.” It honors those special people in your life who help you manage the disease. “We’re making a documentary about it and holding a nationwide casting call cheering on the people living with diabetes.”

You can go to the website to nominate someone special in your life who helps you deal with diabetes or has had the biggest impact on your diabetes journey. Or you can share your story of how you inspire a loved one living with diabetes. “I feel very passionate about this campaign,” she says. “We need to honor the people who cheer us on and support us while also offering us strength. Her costar has been her husband, famed cinematographer Julio Macat. Living with diabetes hasn’t been easy. “I felt so alone and isolated after I was diagnosed and no one should feel that way,” she says.

Elizabeth Perkins was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2005. She admits that it wasn’t an easy time for her. “It was very overwhelming to me. I’m someone who tends to isolate and keep to myself,” she says. “The truth was I wasn’t sure how to manage diabetes on my own. “Once I started opening up and seeking support, I realized that I needed a co-star on my journey. Continue reading Elizabeth Perkins: Natural Beauty Tips and Living with Diabetes

Why actress Elizabeth Perkins believes in Co-Stars

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012

•• Many of you know Elizabeth Perkins as the talented actress from crowd-favorites like Big, The Flintstones, Miracle on 34th Street, and of course, Weeds, but did you know she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005? Elizabeth’s passion for diabetes advocacy and awareness is unyielding, which is why Sanofi US is proud to have her on board on Diabetes Co-Stars campaign!

Q: You’ve starred in major films and TV shows and are currently working on the upcoming TV show How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life). When did you first become interested in acting?
A: I have wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember! I studied acting at the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago before I traveled to New York in the early 1980’s to pursue my career. I’ve been in the business ever since and it’s been a wonderful, exciting and creative experience.

Q: What has been your favorite role to play thus far and why?
A: I’ve enjoyed every role that I’ve played throughout my career. From Wilma in The Flintstones, to playing opposite of Tom Hanks in Big and then venturing into television on the Showtime series, Weeds. Every character taught me something new and special. I am also very excited about my role in the upcoming show, How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) which is scheduled to air on ABC in Spring 2013.

Q: While many people know you for your acting talents, they may not know that you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005. Can you tell us a little about how your life has changed since then?
A: When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I only shared it with my closest family and friends. I was filming the television series Weeds, so in the beginning I would test my blood glucose and take my medication alone in my trailer. With the encouragement of my friends and family, I sat down with my doctor to talk about how I could improve my overall diabetes management while on set. In addition to treatment, my doctor and I worked out a diet and exercise plan that fits my busy schedule. Now I keep diabetes-friendly foods in my trailer and remember to take a nice long walk with my husband Julio and our dogs when I get home. It helps serve as both exercise and as a calming, stress reliever. Continue reading Why actress Elizabeth Perkins believes in Co-Stars

Elizabeth Perkins speaks “November-a month to remember”

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012

•• Elizabeth Perkins wants everyone to spread the word about diabetes to friends and family during American Diabetes Month. Nominate the person in your life who has made the biggest impact on your diabetes journey for a chance to be in the documentary with Elizabeth. Visit to learn more and submit video nominations or written testimonials by December 16, 2012. Watch her video and share it now to encourage others to get involved!

Happy 52nd Birthday Elizabeth Perkins!!

Sunday, Nov 18, 2012

•• Elizabeth Perkins is celebrating her 52nd birthday today and we at her official website would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday to her!! Please stop by and leave your birthday wishes by commenting in her official facebook page.