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Weeds “5×09 – Suck ‘N’ Spit”

Hi guys.. The photo gallery has been updated with screen captures from Weeds 5×09 – Suck ‘N’ Spit episode. Enjoy!

Weeds2009_5x09-57.jpg Weeds2009_5x09-68.jpg Weeds2009_5x09-2.jpg Weeds2009_5x09-22.jpg

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Weeds  5×09 – HDTV Screen Captures

Weeds 5×08 – A Distinctive Horn

The gallery has been updated with screen captures from Weeds 5×08 – A Distinctive Horn episode. Enjoy them!

Weeds2008_5x08-72.jpg Weeds2008_5x08-132.jpg Weeds2008_5x07-109.jpg Weeds2008_5x08-8.jpg

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Weeds  5×08 – HDTV Screen Captures

Weeds 5×07 – Where the Sidewalk Ends

I absolutely loved this episode!! It’s one of my  favourites from this season so far!!As each week, I have added screen captures from this episode, Where the Sidewalk Ends. Enjoy!

Weeds2008_5x07-3.jpg Weeds2008_5x07-66.jpg Weeds2008_5x07-11.jpg Weeds2008_5x07-23.jpg

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Weeds  5×07 – HDTV Screen Captures

Weeds 5×05 Screen Captures

Second update of the day. Just added 274 from the latest episode of Weeds, 5×05 – Van Nuys. Enjoy!

Weeds2008_5x05-70.jpg Weeds2008_5x05-103.jpg Weeds2008_5x05-4.jpg Weeds2008_5x05-22.jpg

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Weeds  5×05 – HDTV Screen Captures

Elizabeth to Guest Star on Monk

Elizabeth is appearing on the first episode of the eighth and final season of Monk. The episode is titled “Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show” and it will first air on August 7th 2009 on USA Network, 9/8C.

I have added four episode stills to the gallery and screen captures from the episode will be up following the airing.

“She plays a woman who was a child actor on Monk’s favorite series he watched when he was a child — the only series he watched, a ‘Brady Bunch’ kind of show. As an adult, she’s written a tell-all book that is not at all flattering, and Monk’s image of her is destroyed.”

2009Monk_8x01-001.jpg 2009Monk_8x01-003.jpg 2009Monk_8x01-004.jpg 2009Monk_8x01-002.jpg

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