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Weeds captures: 3×14 – Protection

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007

As every tuesday, I have new Weeds captures for you today. I just added captures from 3×14 – “Protection” episode and I also wanna remind you about Elizabeth’s birthday is coming up, November 18th is the date so that special day EPF will have a new layout and tons of new videos to celebrate her 47th birthday!!

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-114.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-16.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-72.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-152.jpg

Weeds captures: 3×13 – Risk

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007


I added the following new captures to the gallery from last episode of Weeds, Risk. Enjoy!!

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode1-13-159.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode1-13-56.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode1-13-42.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode1-13-105.jpg

ELLE Magazine’s 14TH Annual Women in Hollywood!!

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007

Today I’ve added 49 pictures of Elizabeth attending ELLE Magazine’s 14TH Annual Women in Hollywood on October 15, 2007.

events2007_womeninhollywood-0049.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0061.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0032.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0074.jpg
events2007_womeninhollywood-0072.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0045.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0056.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0026.JPG

ELLE Magazine’s 14th Annual Women In Hollywood

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007

Great News!! We’ve a new beautiful Gallery and Forum layouts.  Both were made by my lovely and talented friend Angelic. Also, I’ve added a beautiful  pictures of our beloved Elizabeth attending ELLE Magazine’s 14th Annual Women In Hollywood at the four Seasons hotel on October 15, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California. On fact, during the presentation, one of her best friends Diane Lane took to the stage to accept her award from presenter and close friend Elizabeth Perkins, of course!! Check out some thumbs below!!

events2007_womeninhollywood-003.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0024.JPG events2007_womeninhollywood-0016.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-005.jpg
events2007_womeninhollywood-0026.JPG events2007_womeninhollywood-0011.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-0017.jpg events2007_womeninhollywood-001.jpg

3×10: Roy Till Called

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007

I just added 350 captures from the last night Weeds 10th episode called Roy Till Called  to the Gallery. As always, enjoy!!

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-100.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-20.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-31.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-101.jpg
caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-129.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-190.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-258.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode10-275.jpg

Big Update: 1988 to 1992 albums

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007


I have updated the gallery with 24 photos from 1988 to 1992. Elizabeth looks so cute on all those photos, so be sure to check them all out by clicking on the previews or the below albums. Enjoy!

events1988_dukakiscampaign-001.jpg events1988_vote88-001.jpg events1988_dukakishostparty-001.jpg premieres1988_big-001.jpg

premieres1990_avalon-002.jpg premieres1990_avalon-001.jpg premieres1990_nyc_avalon-004.jpg premieres1990_tiemeup-002.jpg

events1991_universalstudios-002.jpg events1991_universalstudios-001.jpg premieres1992_hardpromises-001.jpg awards1989_gga-001.jpg

Weeds captures: 3×08 – The Two Mrs. Scottsons!

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007

I got really impressed with the last episode of Weeds,. Elizabeth was awesome and so emotional, of course she made an outstanding performance. She’s so talented and I’m so proud of her!! This episode is for sure one of my favorites, well stop talking and here I go with the update. It’s 252 captures from the last episode of Weeds have been added today into the Photo Gallery, this episode is called The Two Mrs. Scottsons. Enjoy!

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-14.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-23.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-30.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-46.jpg
caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-78.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-87.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-89.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-90.jpg
caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-102.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-101.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-99.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode8-126.jpg