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New Gallery Design & “Weeds Video Diary” Screen Captures

Hi guys!! I have changed the design at the gallery to a new one featuring a stunning photo with Elizabeth on a black sofa, as well as re-organized it a bit all the categories, this way it’d be easier for you to find the photos you’re looking for.

I have also added 57 screen captures from Weeds Video Diary for Season Five, I will upload the video tomorrow promised. Yay, I’m so happy to say that we have over 25,000 photos on the gallery. Enjoy all the new changes and the new stuff on the site and dont forget to send your birthday message to Elizabeth here.

Weeds2009_VideoDiary-39.jpg Weeds2009_VideoDiary-51.jpg Weeds2009_VideoDiary-53.jpg Weeds2009_VideoDiary-3.jpg

– Gallery Link:
Weeds > Season Five (2009) > Promotional TV Captures & Specials > Weeds Video Diary

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Magazine Scans

I have added several new scans from magazines published earlier. Among them are High Times,TV Guide and others. Be sure to check them out right away! Huge thanks to my friend PerLa for contributing the scans.

2009_OfficialDigitalEmmyProgram-002.jpg 2009_OfficialDigitalEmmyProgram-001.jpg Magz2007_TVguide_May-001.jpg Magz2008_HighTimes_Nov-001.jpg

– Gallery Links:
TV Guide – (May 14, 2007)
High Times – (November 2008)
The Official Digital 61st Primetime Emmy Awards Program (2009)

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Private Party in Beverly Hills

Here are two HQ photos of Elizabeth attending  a celebrities private party at a mansion in Beverly Hills on February 06, 2009. Be sure to check ‘em out!

Public2009_PrivatePartyBH-001.jpg Public2009_PrivatePartyBH-002.jpg

– Gallery Link:
Public Events from 2009 > Private Party In Beverly Hills – (February 06)

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“Perverse Destiny Vol.1: Teach 109” Screen Captures

I have added screencaptures from “Perverse Destiny Vol.1: Teach 109” to the gallery. Elizabeth portrays Dr. Garrett, a hot potential but she has never really bought into the “human” nature of the android but that starts to change when her tutor Dr Winston assigns her android Teach 109 as her next patient. Be sure to click on the previews below to view all the new captures in their full size. Enjoy!

1990_Teach109-3.jpg 1990_Teach109-20.jpg 1990_Teach109-24.jpg 1990_Teach109-9.jpg

– Gallery Links:
TV Photography > Perverse Destiny Vol.1: Teach 109 > Screen Captures
TV Photography > Perverse Destiny Vol.1: Teach 109 > DVD Art
TV Photography > Perverse Destiny Vol.1: Teach 109 > Poster

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