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The Flinstones Scans

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2008

I added some old HQ scans from 1994 movie: The Flinstones.

scans_TheFlinstones-8.jpg scans_TheFlinstones-1.jpg films90s_theflinstones1994-0062.jpg films90s_theflinstones1994-0063.jpg


x10 Scans: The Flinstones


Candids 2006

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007

I found more candids but this time they’re from 2006. I’ve added three candids of Elizabeth & her husband Julio Macat on the Town in L.A. on September 18, 2006. Elizabeth seemed so nice giving autographs to some fans. 🙂 🙂

candids2006_sept18-002.jpg candids2006_sept18-001.jpg candids2006_sept18-003.jpg

Candids 2005

Thursday, Dec 6, 2007

I just added a couple of HQ candids of our hermosa Elizabeth in West Hollywood on November 02, 2005. The thumbnails below, so enjoy because it’s hard to find candids on ELiz!!

candids2005_november02-2.jpg candids2005_november02-3.jpg candids2005_november02-4.jpg candids2005_november02-8.jpg

More photoshoots

Saturday, Nov 24, 2007

Last night, I uploaded new photoshoots and updated two sessions of photoshoots:

photoshoots_0052.jpg photoshoots_0054.jpg photoshoots_0053.jpg photoshoots_0051.jpg

Hope you like them! :smile::heart:

New Photoshoots and Captures!

Thursday, Nov 22, 2007

Hey guys, some days ago I added a very beautiful new photoshoots of Elizabeth. She looks totally amazing and I also have added the last captures from 15th episode of Weeds. I’m gonna miss Celia Hodes but at least Weeds will have another season. I’ll update later with more captures and I’m still have to add some new videos, so stay tuned. 🙂 🙂

photoshoots_0040.jpg photoshoots_0044.jpg photoshoots_0043.jpg photoshoots_0041.jpg

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode15-101.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode15-100.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode15-126.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode15-155.jpg

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving!! :heart: :heart:

Weeds captures: 3×14 – Protection

Sunday, Nov 18, 2007

As every tuesday, I have new Weeds captures for you today. I just added captures from 3×14 – “Protection” episode and I also wanna remind you about Elizabeth’s birthday is coming up, November 18th is the date so that special day EPF will have a new layout and tons of new videos to celebrate her 47th birthday!!

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-114.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-16.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-72.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode14-152.jpg