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3×04: Sh*t Highway!

I’ve added screencaps from last night Weeds episode called: 107x- 3×04: Sh*t Highway and Let’s vote for Elizabeth at!

caps_weeds2007_s3_episode4-2.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode4-16.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode4-11.jpg caps_weeds2007_s3_episode4-8.jpg

Fierce People L.A. Premiere + Craig Ferguson Show pics!

Elizabeth & her pretty daughter Hannah attended Fierce People L.A Premiere two days ago looking gorgeous as always and I added 152 pictures have been added to the gallery! Also I’ve added 12 HQ’s from one Elizabeth’s appearance doing Weeds promotion at The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on August 22. Below you’ll see some thumbs and I hope you like all the new stuff!! :heart:

premieres2007_FiercePeople_LA-00118.jpg premieres2007_FiercePeople_LA-00113.jpg premieres2007_FiercePeople_LA-00118.jpg premieres2007_FiercePeople_LA-0063.jpg

tvshows2007_craigferguson-002.jpg tvshows2007_craigferguson-001.jpg tvshows2007_craigferguson-0012.jpg tvshows2007_craigferguson-004.jpg

Weeds: Scans + promos

I just added one scan of Weeds from TV Guide August 20-27, 2007 and one more Weeds promo. Enjoy!

TV_Guide_-_August_20-27.jpg promos_weeds2007_season3-05.jpg

New photoshoots added

It seems Elizabeth is posing for many phoshoots lately, I think because of Weeds promotion so that’s why I’ve added three new gorgeous photoshoots of Elizabeth from 2005 & 2007. obviously. Oh my god, I shouted when I saw them by first time so be sure to check all them because these new stuff because it’s awesome!!

photoshoots_0034.jpg photoshoots_0036.jpg photoshoots_0030.jpg photoshoots_0031.jpg    photoshoots_0038.jpg

Kent Film Festival 2007

Not much for today, I just added two pictures of Elizabeth & her daddy James (Jim) Perkins at Kent Film Festival 2007. Enjoy and expect soon Hercules HQ captures!

filmfestivals2007_kent-001.jpg filmfestivals2007_kent-002.jpg

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