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NYUs Tisch School of the Arts Salute to the Class of 2011

A picture of Elizabeth Perkins sighting at NYUs Tisch School of the Arts Salute to the  Class of 2011 at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City on May 27th has been added to the photo gallery!

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Events in 2011 > May 27th » At NYUs Tisch School of the Arts Salute to the Class of 2011

“I’m Losing You” DVD Screencaptures

Over 700  DVD quality screencaptures from I’m Losing You have been uploaded to the photo gallery. Elizabeth Perkins delivers a great performance in 1998 as Aubrey Wicker and stars alongside Frank Langella, Daniel von Bargen, Rosanna Arquette and Andrew McCarthy. The synopsis reads as:

A melodrama of a wealthy Los Angeles family – and the journey each one begins after a death in the family. The title of the film refers not only to the loss of life and love, but to a phrase used by most Angelenos while talking on cellular phones; I’m Losing You… “I’m Losing You” follows the path of each character after a cataclysmic event: the death of Bertie’s young daughter Tiffany, in an “accident”. The family comes closer together in the wake of such an event, seeking to recover from a blow that has driven each one to near madness.

Be sure to check out all the screencaptures and other stuff by clicking on the previews below, as per usual and hope everyone enjoys them. With all the recent additions, the gallery now has over 28,000 photos, and a lot more to come!!

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Feature Films > I’m Losing You (1998) > Posters & Key-Art
Feature Films > I’m Losing You (1998) > Movie Trailer
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Feature Films > I’m Losing You (1998) > Screen Captures [DVD]

Futon’s First Look: “Vince Uncensored” (CBS)

✿ Vince Uncensored (CBS): (written by Phoef Sutton; directed by Kelsey Grammer; produced by David Kissinger and Conan O’Brien).

The plot in a nutshell: It’s been six months since contractor Vince (Michael Chiklis) had a brain aneurysm. His doctor, Neiman (Victor Garber, yes, that Victor Garber), has since given him a clean bill of health however with the damage to his frontal lobes, Vince finds he’s no longer able to censor his thoughts. In short: he says exactly what he thinks. The doc’s suggestion: count to three when he’s about to say something, giving his brain the extra time needed to properly filter it. Not surprisingly, said tactic doesn’t stop him from responding incorrectly to his wife Janet’s (Elizabeth Perkins) queries about her figure; giving bad advise to his hen-pecked business partner Nav (Maz Jobrani); spilling the beans to a prospective client about how much time and money his remodeling job will cost; or suggesting to his bickering parents (Paul Dooley, Georgia Engel), freshly kicked out of their retirement home, that they should get a divorce.

And those are just the problems he creates himself. Also on his plate: youngest daughter Rosie (Rachel G. Fox) has handcuffed herself to the banister in protest over having to now go to middle school and eldest Bryce (Marcella Lentz-Pope) has dropped out of college. Vince’s condition of course exacerbates the aforementioned fronts, most notably by calling Bryce a “whiny quitter.” Janet eventually reaches a breaking point, telling Vince these aren’t just random things he’s blurting out, they’re his true self coming out and that person is something of an ass. It’s enough to send Vince back to Dr. Neiman’s office hoping for a cure. Unfortunately, his hands are tied as any surgery could potentially make him a vegetable (“We’re not supposed to use the word vegetable anymore,” he quips. “But we’re friends.”). Nope, he’s stuck with being uncensored and his family is stuck with him.

Source: The Futon Critic

More HQ photos of “HOP” Los Angeles Premiere

For your viewing pleasure more HQ photos of Elizabeth Perkins attending “Hop” Los Angeles Premiere held Universal Studios Hollywood have been added to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

– Gallery Link:
Events in 2011 > March 27th » “Hop” Los Angeles Premiere

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