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Elizabeth Perkins on “The Doctors”


•• Actress Elizabeth Perkins, known for her roles in the movie “Big” and the TV show “Weeds,” discovered she had Type 1 diabetes after a fasting blood test. Learn how to recognize the symptoms. Learn about the Diabetes Co-stars documentary that actress Elizabeth Perkins is working on with her husband and how changed her diet to help manage her diabetes.

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Diabetes Co-Stars Casting Call Winners

•• Golden Globeand Emmy nominated actress Elizabeth Perkins has teamed up-with Sanofi US to produce a documentary about what it’s really like living with diabetes and the value of a strong support network. Two Diabetes Co-Stars teams have been chosen to “co-star” in the film alongside Elizabeth!

Meet the winners of the casting call contest: Amanda and Anne, and Eugenio and Naiomi! They will guest star in a documentary about how important support systems are for people living with diabetes. Check back to see when the documentary will be released. Thanks for all of the great submissions! The results are in, and two teams of winners will guest star in the Diabetes Co-Stars documentary alongside Elizabeth Perkins, meet them below.



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Elizabeth Perkins will be on “The Doctors” show this Monday!

•• Weeds star Elizabeth Perkins discusses life with Type 1 diabetes. Then, Real Housewife and dentist Karent Sierra, gives a homeless woman a smile makeover. Don’t miss her life-changing transformation! And, can energy drinks land you in the emergency room. Check your local listings here!

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New Promotional Stills of ABC’s New Comedy “How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)”

•• ABC has released the promotional photos for their upcoming comedy series “How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)” premiering Wednesday April 3, 2013 at 9:30 p.m., starring Sarah Chalke, Rachel Eggleston, Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett. Check them out below!

Polly (Sarah Chalke) is a single mom who’s been divorced for almost a year. The transition wasn’t easy for her, especially in this economy. So, like a lot of young people living in this new reality, she and her daughter, Natalie (Rachel Eggleston), have moved back home with her eccentric parents, Elaine (Elizabeth Perkins) and Max (Brad Garrett). But Polly and her parents look at life through two different lenses. Polly’s too uptight. Her parents are too laid back. Polly’s conservative when it comes to dating (no action, whatsoever), while her parents are still sexually adventurous. They think Polly turned out okay, so what’s the big deal? Well, they say it takes a village to raise a child… and in Polly’s case, this village is on fire. But with help from her best friend Gregg (Orlando Jones), her lovable yet irresponsible ex-husband Julian (Jon Dore) and her cool and fun assistant Jenn (Rebecca Delgado Smith) Polly takes her first steps toward getting a life, starting with a social one.

“How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)” stars Sarah Chalke (“Mad Love,” “Scrubs”) as Polly, Jon Dore as Julian, Rachel Eggleston as Natalie, Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond,” “‘Til Death”) as Max, Orlando Jones (“Rules of Engagement”) as Gregg, Elizabeth Perkins (“Weeds”) as Elaine, Rebecca Delgado Smith as Jenn. The comedy was written by Claudia Lonow, who is also an executive producer along with Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo. The pilot was directed by Julie Anne Robinson. The series is produced by 20th Century FOX and Imagine Television.

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