Weeds 4×11 HQ captures

Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008

I made 255 HDTV captures from 4×11 – Head Cheese episode. In other news I’m working on Elizabeth’s birthday project for this year. Anyway, I’ll post more information about it soon.

Weeds2008_4x11-136.jpg Weeds2008_4x11-99.jpg Weeds2008_4x11-46.jpg Weeds2008_4x11-3.jpg

– Gallery Link:
4×11 – Head Cheese

The Megan Mullaly Show

Monday, Aug 25, 2008

Hola!! I have some 2006 HQs for you guys today and I couldn’t wait to share these awesome images of Elizabeth at The Megan Mullaly Show.

meganmullallyshow2006-006.jpg meganmullallyshow2006-008.jpg meganmullallyshow2006-0011.jpg meganmullallyshow2006-0012.jpg

Also, do not forget to tune a new episode of Weeds tonight at Showtime.

– Gallery Link:
The Megan Mullaly Show – (October 03, 2006)

Movie Stills Update

Friday, Aug 22, 2008

I’m currently adding a lot of Elizabeth’s movie stills from to the gallery. Enjoy, and as always stay tuned for even more photos and new videos in the coming days!! Click on the previews below to view them all.

films90s_enidissleeping-0010.jpg films200s_the_thingabout_myfolks2005-018.jpg films90s_hesaidshesaid1991-0014.jpg films90s_theflinstones1994-0065.jpg

– Gallery Links:
He Said, She Said
Enid is Sleeping a.k.a. Over Her Dead Body
The Flintstones
Cats & Dogs
The Thing About My Folks

Weeds 4×10 HQ captures

Thursday, Aug 21, 2008

As each week, I have uploaded 125 HDTV captures from 4×10 – The Love Circle Overlap episode. Click on the previews or link below to view them all, as usual.

Weeds2008_4x10-18.jpg Weeds2008_4x10-39.jpg Weeds2008_4x10-47.jpg Weeds2008_4x10-11.jpg

– Gallery Link:
4×10 – The Love Circle Overlap

Message Boards & Facebook

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008

After working on the Message Boards for the past few days, the boards are now opened to everyone! Be sure to register. It’s free and fast. I can’t wait to meet all you Elizabeth fans and start talking there about our favorite actress! We are also looking for some moderators as well. And for all those on facebook, I’ve created a group where we can discuss, post images and upload Elizabeth videos. Go join now!!

Weeds 4×08 HQ captures

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008

I just added 226 HQ screen captures from last night episode of Weeds. Click on the below link to view all the added captures.

Weeds2008_4x08-19.jpg Weeds2008_4x08-7.jpg Weeds2008_4x08-38.jpg Weeds2008_4x08-37.jpg

– Gallery Link:
4×08 – I Am The Table