New Gallery Theme

Hola, first off  we have an amazing new layout at the photo gallery made by the talented MeL from Turn Back the Sun Designs and along with the layout I have made some gallery updates today, you can view all them here.


Pink Fusion Theme at Golden Starz!

We have a new gorgeous pink theme at Golden Starz called Pink Fusion and featuring different actresses. To register and start posting, please click on the below capture. It’s FREE and you’ll have so much fun there.

Golden Starz Twitter!

We are now on twitter so If you would like to follow us, it’s @goldenstarz.

With Golden Starz Twitter will keep you up to date on Elizabeth Perkins, site announcements and more! You can also ask us questions via twitter! Have a request? Let us know on twitter!

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Going On Vacation!

Hey guys, just a quick message to say that I am going on vacation tomorrow so I won’t be around to update the site in the next few days until next Tuesday. My friend PerLa may update the site in case there are new updates on Elizabeth, so be patient and If anything comes up I will let you know when I return which will be around April 21st and don’t forget to visit Golden Starz Boards with almost 170 members.

“Le Chat est Mort” screen captures

HoLa!! I made some screencaptures of the newly released trailer for the short film “Le Chat est mort“. Elizabeth looks totally adorable and obviously I can’t wait to see her as Rhonda on this black comedy!!

LeChatEstMort2009_Trailer-0017.jpg LeChatEstMort2009_Trailer-0069.jpg

– Gallery Link:
Le Chat est Mort (2009): Movie Trailer screencaptures

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