Weeds 4×13 HQ captures

I have uploaded 145 HDTV captures from the final season episode. Click on the previews or link below to view them all, as usual.

Weeds2008_4x13-52.jpg Weeds2008_4x13-79.jpg Weeds2008_4x13-111.jpg Weeds2008_4x13-127.jpg

Stay tuned for more news and updates!!

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4×13 – If You Work for a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

Weeds 4×12 HQ captures

I made about 140 HDTV captures from 4×12 episode.

Weeds2008_4x12-6.jpg Weeds2008_4x12-60.jpg Weeds2008_4x12-74.jpg Weeds2008_4x12-117.jpg

– Gallery Link:
• 4×12 – Till We Meet Again

The 2008 Elizabeth Perkins Birthday Project!

As I previously announced, I was working on the 2008 Birthday Project for Elizabeth. I’m done with it and you can finally view the site here and from now on, you can send your submission via this form!

Submit What You Can Submit? FAQHome

Family Site: Greek Goddess

I know, this has nothing to do with Elizabeth Perkins but as this is my site and this one is a big project, I can post whatever I want here right? I’ve opened a new fan site dedicated to the wonderful, talented, sexy, beautiful greek pop singer Anna Vissi. I’m also looking for any kind of affiliates including Elite plugs.

The site is called Greek Goddess and you can visit this website at annavissi.nu so check it out and Leave your comments there!!

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Weeds 4×11 HQ captures

I made 255 HDTV captures from 4×11 – Head Cheese episode. In other news I’m working on Elizabeth’s birthday project for this year. Anyway, I’ll post more information about it soon.

Weeds2008_4x11-136.jpg Weeds2008_4x11-99.jpg Weeds2008_4x11-46.jpg Weeds2008_4x11-3.jpg

– Gallery Link:
4×11 – Head Cheese

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