Jimmy Fallow crushed by Elizabeth on his childhood!

I found an interesting article about Elizabeth from PR Inside, it says:

Newly married comedian Jimmy Fallow was saved from a life of celibacy by a childhood crush on actress Elizabeth Perkins.The star – who wed longterm partner Nancy Juvonen on Saturday (29Dec07) in the Caribbean, dreamed of becoming a Catholic priest until he watched Perkins in 1988 movie Big and fell in love with the opposite sex.
Fallon says, “Growing up, I wanted to be a priest. “I was an alter boy and I served Mass at 6.45 in the morning – I liked the smell of Catholic church in the morning. Then in seventh grade, I decided I did not want to give up sex because I got a huge crush on Elizabeth Perkins, who was starring with Tom Hanks in Big.”

The Flinstones Scans

I added some old HQ scans from 1994 movie: The Flinstones.

scans_TheFlinstones-8.jpg scans_TheFlinstones-1.jpg films90s_theflinstones1994-0062.jpg films90s_theflinstones1994-0063.jpg


x10 Scans: The Flinstones


Elizabeth reveals resolutions for 2008!!

According to showbuzz.cbsnews.com, one of Elizabeth’s resolutions for the 2008 is hoping to rescue more animals, so it’s really nice from her to do that thing, remember that She adores animals so go for it Elizabeth. 🙂 :heart:

Hope you all have Happy New Year 2008! 

Merry Christmas!!

It’s almost Christmas everywhere and that’s why I’d like to wish you a very Merry Xmas!! I also hope you have a lovely day with all the ones you love and of course have everything you wish for! All my love from Elizabeth-Perkins.org!! :heart: 😉


Candids 2006

I found more candids but this time they’re from 2006. I’ve added three candids of Elizabeth & her husband Julio Macat on the Town in L.A. on September 18, 2006. Elizabeth seemed so nice giving autographs to some fans. 🙂 🙂

candids2006_sept18-002.jpg candids2006_sept18-001.jpg candids2006_sept18-003.jpg

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