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Elizabeth Perkins loves her role in Weeds

Elizabeth Perkins talked about the lack of acting work for women over 40 in Hollywood.

The actress said television is the place for any actress who turns 40 as they don’t demand she inject Botox and other viscous fillers into her face or undergo extreme dieting.

‘The roles are better, there’s more depth to the writing and you don’t have to pump your face full of sh** to get the part. The great thing about it [Weeds] for me is I get to play a viable woman who is still sexually desirable and who is still living her life. I’m almost 50. And I do not want to go through life looking like the Joker,’ she added.

Perkins also compared Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles to a modern-day horror show.

‘Walking down Rodeo Drive now is like a horror show. You see these 60-year-old women who do not want to look 60. It’s so screwed up.

‘When archaeologists dig up people [from today] they will say, ‘ahh this was the generation where people were obsessed with putting things [breast implants, collagen, Botox] in their bodies.’ It will seem as weird to them as people getting ribs removed in the Victorian era seems to us now.’