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“Starry Constellation Mag” Interview

I came across a new Elizabeth’s interview of Season Five of Weeds by Jamie Steinberg. I’ts from www.starrymag.com and you can read it below!

Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?
A) Aside from doing the show, I’m a stay at home mom.

Q) What is new this season on “Weeds” with your character Celia Hodes?
A) Celia kind of gets up after being kicked to the ground for the last two seasons. Last year she had her teeth punched out and her face knocked in. She was kidnapped and sort of run through the mill. This season she gets sober and she gets back up on her feet. She tries to straighten out her life.
Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?
A) I was given the script and thought it was one of the best written pilots that I ever read. I found out that Mary Louise Parker was going to be playing the lead and they were interested in having Kevin Nealon be on the show. That was a huge draw for me because I am a huge fan of both of them. It was also just a chance to play this outrageous character

Q) What about your role continues to challenge you?
A) I think that, in terms of our show, it’s such an outrageous premise and the character arcs that everyone takes are kind of so phenomenal that we never know from one week to the next what our character is going to be doing. It’s almost like we’re putting on a one act play every week. As an actor, it’s really inspiring and it’s really challenging. It gives you the opportunity to be really outrageous and to do the unexpected. That’s always fun.

Q) Where do you draw from for your portrayal?

A) No, I’m completely one hundred percent one hundred-eighty degrees from her. A lot of people refer to Celia as sort of ignorantly evil and probably the world’s worst mother. I’ve sort of based her on a lot of people I’ve met or a lot of people I know. I would think the only thing that is even close to me, with Celia, is her sarcasm. That’s something that I love and am very grateful I get to bring to the role.

Q) How does the cast continue to maintain such great chemistry between each other?
A) Any actor whose been doing a show for any length of time it becomes second nature. They become like your family and you sort of have a shorthand with the way you speak to each other. You have a specific way of working that you know if you throw a ball out to some person they are going to catch it and throw it back to you. So, there is a real sense of security and safety in that. I think we’re all willing to take more risks than we would on the first season of the show or if we were a guest star on another show. You just become comfortable and that’s the real catalyst for great work.

Q) What has been your most memorable moment from filming season five?
A) I can’t give away too much, but I think my favorite part of my storyline is when I arrive back at Nancy Botwin’s house (played by Mary Louise Parker). Nobody really expects me to be there and nobody really knows what I want.

Q) Do you have any influence on the storylines that are created for the show?
A) I don’t really want any influence on Jenji Kohan’s storylines because I think she creates is so much fun and so shocking that I could never come up with the things that she comes up with. I really trust her and I trust that she knows the direction of the show and what she wants to do with it.

Q) Why do you think people continue to tune in to watch “Weeds?”
A) We’re completely outrageous and over the top. We also have our pothead viewing audience. We have a lot of different characters that people can relate to on different levels. I think primarily people watch because it is well written and it touches on very specific social hot topics and isn’t afraid to push the envelope.

Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work?
A) Thank you! Keep watching “Weeds” because it’s just going to get better and better and better this season.


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  1. Craig E says:

    I have recently watched a number of movies and programmes where Elizabeth is the lead female actress … wow she is so wonderful and beautiful ……

    Just my type of lady sophisticated and intelligent …… did I mention beautiful..
    Cheers from New Zealand

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