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Favorite Things

– Favorite Books:
“The Loved OneW by Evelyn Waugh
“The Feminine in Fairytales” by Marie-Louise Von Franz
“Diving into the Wreck: Poems 1971-1972” by Adrienne Rich

– Favorite Movies:
“McCabe & Mrs. Miller,” directed by Robert Altman
“The Heartbreak Kid,” directed by Elaine May
“Dreamchild,” directed by Gavin Millar

– Favorite Songs:
“Hejira,” Joni Mitchell
“Sullivan Street,” Counting Crows
“Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me),” Steely Dan

– Favorite Music:
Pearl Jam
Dave Matthews Band
Tom Waits

– Favorite Drink:
Diet Coke, but only if it’s in that Big Gulp thing with major ice from 7-11.

– Favorite Charity:
All dog rescues, my daughter’s school, various friends who need money.

– Favorite Vacation:
Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard.

– Favorite Vice:
Lengthy, great conversations and endless musings about the erratic state of the world.