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“Never let anyone sway your belief in goodness: tolerance, fairness, justice, truth, respect, charity & above all else, love for one another.”

“Go toward the light. Kill them with kindness. And fuck them!”

“There is no luxury of time, of drawn out storytelling, in production of a short film. The medium forces you to condense intention into its most essential and fundamental purpose. In short order, you have to deliver the truth with uncomplicated clarity. It insists on considerable ideas becoming compact ones. They’re also kick-ass fun to make.”

“I feel like empowering women in media is very much like one step up, two steps back. And once we can get to two steps up and one step back, we’ll be making some headway,. Since I’ve been doing this for 35 years, I’ve seen how far we have come. But I also see how much we’re going to have to fight to continue to get that kind of solid representation as women in the media.”

“The universe is calling me awake, asking me to open my heart to the beauty of the life around me. To acknowledge and cherish all that is valuable and loving in my world: my children, my husband, my family, my friends. Hold close those dear to you, never give up fighting for what brings solace and goodness into your life and embrace the gifts you have been given with gratitude and grace. Life is fleeting and temporal; make each moment count, love deeply and honestly and never forget to say “I love you”.

“My beautiful mother Jo passed away suddenly. She was kind, filled with life, affectionate, hysterically funny, a kick ass double solitary player, fiercely independent, drove like a maniac, knitted blankets for every single grandchild, liked her coffee as thick as mud, played piano by ear and recorded an album with her choir, fought cancer, loved steamed clams and coconut cream pie, never missed a birthday, would send you a card just to tell you she loved you, could fire a .22, sing along to Ella Fitzgerald, was a terrible cook and didn’t care, and had the best collection of wicked good sayings on the planet. My favorite: He who farts in church, sits in his own pew. She was a Yankee, through and through and the best friend I ever had. My heart, my soul…I will miss her terribly, but be grateful everyday that I got to call this incredible woman my Mom.”

“Peace love and out. Oh and this,  live your truth. Regardless of the outcome. Be honest and own it.”

“Diane Lane. Love her. Sister from another mother.”

“When I was diagnosed in 2005 with Type 1 diabetes, at the beginning this was not something that I really shared with my coworkers or my family. It was something that I was very isolated with. It wasn’t until I really started opening up to my husband and my family that I realized how vital he was in helping me to manage my diabetes. Together, we learned how to cook differently and how to eat differently. It became a family affair. We learned to exercise more regularly. We had less stress in our lives.”

“I think the big difference for me has been the support of my family and friends. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t feel that they have my back. Sometimes, when I’m having a particularly long day, my husband says we will still go for a walk. He’s the person who supports me and helps me on this journey. He’s my inspiration.”

“Some people merely like their dogs… and then there’s the rest of us who are madly in love.”

“Nothing better than spending time with this incredible young woman. A Mamas’ heart is always lonely when their gone.”

“I was blessed, as T-Hanks was a consummate actor; giving, blessed, truly gifted. There were many body changing movies, but Big was the one that had heart. There is pressure on film AND theater when big money involved. Fear is a motivating factor of so many projects…sad but true. You can’t be truly creative in fear.”

“It’s harder for women. But that makes us stronger, less fearful. Gender will be an issue until we stop separating. IE: a womens’ film.”

“Work with talented people, never stop being a child at heart. Don’t judge yourself and be real. Have no fear, trust your instincts.”

“Life is short and precious. Be humble and love deeply.”

“If you’re middle aged… where’re you going to go to meet someone? You’re not going to go to a bar,you’re not going to go to a nightclub and there are the museums.”

“Fear is a prison, love is the exit!”

“It doesn’t happen very often that you get to work with some really good friends of yours and there’s a common language between everyone, you don’t have to explain what you’re doing, you can just run with it. It makes it just so much easier and more relaxed.”

“It seems like all the good looking people have smaller dogs these days. Especially for the women, because they always come in with their little Chihuahuas and the guys come in with their Golden Retrievers.”

“I loved playing the evil Celia Hodes. Amoral, ruthless and conniving, her hair and makeup always stated exactly where she was emotionally. Long blond hair when she was successful, a harsh wig following her chemo therapy, and dirty, matted hair when she was in her downfall. Each morning in the makeup trailer we would assess where Celia was psychologically and style accordingly.”

“My sisters are very academically inclined so whenever they would fix me up , it would always be from someone in their world, people they would find attractive. When they came to the door in suits, it was over.”

“Right now, my daughter’s just rolling her eyes at everything I do; I’m just an embarrassment.”

“We’re animal people.”

“I used to hop trains, smoke marijuana in the bathroom, steal English muffins from the dining hall…”

“We were in the third day of final exams and strung out of coffee and cigarettes.”

“I love smoking. I quit when I was pregnant but it really relaxes me.”

“Those blue jeans looked great, you know? I mean the boy looks good. It was such a drag working with Jon Bon Jovi, the rock star, every day. It was so difficult just to walk out on the set.”

“I’m doing a series on Showtime called Weeds, which is about marijuana, so I’m going to be the marijuana mom at school now.”

“I’d definitely consider it. My friend from high school went to internet dating and found a guy and they’ve been together for six years.” (about blind dating)

“Diane Lane and I have been really good friends, so we usually spent every lunch together and after work and before work.”

“My nickname among my group of friends is ‘Mother,’ and I tend to take care of everybody.”

“You don’t necessarily always want to be with someone who works in your business. It takes a certain kind of couple that are both actors to be able to make it, and it takes a certain kind of ego and lack of competition and ability to really sustain a relationship while you’re spending a lot of time apart. I’m with a cinematographer. He’s very stable, and I’m highly neurotic – so it works.”

“I’m taking smaller roles than I would have 10 or 15 years ago. It’s just the nature of aging in Hollywood. It’s always harder for women.”

“I have never posed nude before, and I figured this would be the last time anyone would ask,” Perkins joked with USA Today. “It’s nice to see a middle-aged woman being viewed sexually. I want to celebrate all kinds of women, not just 20 year olds.”

“There are actors who live behind gated houses and only hang out with other famous people. They go to parties and openings and premieres, and that’s what they do. And then they get a part as a blue-collar worker and they just look like an idiot, because they don’t understand real life. They don’t ever see it.”

“I’m not attracted to anything that’s not off the beaten path, I get very bored playing comfortable people, people that just kind of come in and out of the room. I’d much prefer stumbling over the ottoman like Dick Van Dyke. That’s the way I’d like to make an entrance. Just strolling into the room is not something I’m attracted to.”

“I don’t give a shit about that stuff. You’ll never see me at the opening of something unless I’m in it. I won’t go to an awards ceremony unless I’m nominated. I find the spotlight the most painful part of life in Hollywood. I’m not remotely interested in fame.”

“A few people have heard that I was very demanding in terms of what I want, so I’ve become ‘hard to work with.’ But that’s really unfair. All you’re doing is trying to put in your creative input so you’re not just flouncing around like some bimbo. It’s very frustrating because I’m not a robot. You don’t turn me on and I do my little job, and you shut me off and put me in my trailer. That’s not the way I operate. If that’s the kind of actress you want, then you shouldn’t cast me.”

“The minute you see people walking down the street, or you see women with strollers and they’re walking their dogs you tend to think ‘god their life is perfect, and mine is so fucked up’ and yet the reality is that we’re all kinda fucked up it’s just that on the outside we all look kinda perfect.”

“I’m more grateful that at this point in my life, I’m still working and I’ve been given a great role. I’m extremely grateful to be going to work every day, I haven’t felt that way for years.”

“My life consists of a lot of driving, a lot of opening the wallet, a lot of laundry. We also have two dogs, two cats and fish. We live in a big house that is never clean. It’s crazy and it’s family.”

“I’m not beautiful in today’s hollywood. I’m not blonde, I’m not svelte. I don’t have the long wavy hair, and sex isn’t what I use to sell my characters. Instead I’m strong, I’m forceful and I’m pretty smart.”

“Reading about it doesn’t bother me at all, but I hate the sight of blood.”

“I don’t care what anybody says. No matter how successful you are, no matter how beautiful, being insecure is a fact of life, especially for women.”

“I couldn’t understand why you had to go to class at a specific time, so I didn’t.”

“I’ve been dramatic from the day I was born.”

“I don’t think of myself as some tragic artist. But I am easily punctured.”

“I mean, a crane could fall behind Jeff Daniels, and he wouldn’t look up from his sports novel. You could throw a piece of dog shit at Tom Hanks in the middle of a scene, and it wouldn’t faze him. For me, it would depend on who was throwing the dogshit.”

“I did drugs until I was sick of them; I drank until I was sick of that; I fought and argued till I was sick of that; I’ll stop smoking when I’m sick of that.”

“I have weird taste.”

“Every time we go out there (the suburbs), we’re like, We can do this, and then we’re there for a couple of hours, and it’s like, You have to get me out of here. I’d become an alcoholic.”

“It never occurred to me that I was a diamond-getting kind of gal.”

“I’ve worked consistently for 35 years and I’ve been able to fly below the radar and make a terrific living for my kids.”

“I always thought that when I got to be around 40, I’d develop sophisticated taste in clothes, or that my purse would suddenly be clean. But I think I’m always going to have something like… a Barbie doll’s head in my purse.”

“I buy too many scented candles and perfumes. I like to spray my furniture with perfume so I can sit on it and absorb.”

“I said to my husband, ‘They just asked me to pose nude for Allure.’ He said, ‘You’re gonna do it right?’ And my daughter goes, ‘If you do it, I’ll kill you.’ So I decided right there that I had to do it.”

“If I were to have them choose, I’d rather they have a puff of a joint than a fifth of vodka.”

“I had a very drunk guy come up to me once in New Orleans and say, ‘Do you know who you are?’ And I said something like, ‘Do you know who you are? Does anyone know who they are?”

“Oh Yeah, I’ve got many vices, and I’m not gonna admit any of them, but yeah I’ve got plenty.”

“Personally, I’m Not Sure Why Marijuana’s Not Legalized.”

“My Drug Dealers Name Is Bob… True Story.”

“I would kill the clone, that would be my first response.”